Guitar Mode Maker

Guitar Mode Maker 3.01

Create, view and transpose guitar music scales with this program

Guitar is such a versatile instrument that you can play a scale and chord in almost any tone possible. Also, you can create your own scales and modes. This program allows you to view graphically and hear any scale in any tone, as well as design your own scales and modes. The interface features a guitar fretboard on the left side and the twelve notes on the right. When you push the button corresponding to any of the notes, the location of such note appears on the fretboard. You can add as many notes as you wish using any interval. Then, when you finish, you can hear the different notes in the three octaves available on any guitar neck. Also, the notes will appear on a piano keyboard located at the bottom of the interface. You can save your new scale/mode and print it by creating a .txt file that, together with the tablature of your scale, shows some lines where you can add your notes. All in all, the program is comprehensive, useful and easy to use.
You can use he trial version ten times, and a "nag screen" will remind you how many times of use are left. If you find the program useful and intend to use it longer, then you will need to purchase the full version.

Victor Hernandez
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